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Tony Woods Back in Oz for The Sydney Comedy Festival

 Tony Woods is back in Australia for the 2011 Sydney Comedy  Festival international Showcases..

Comedy Store Thursday 21st - Sat 23rd April




Tony Woods in Sydney For Christmas Shows at the Comedy Store.

Tony Woods, DCs king of comedy

To anyone who’s seen his comedy routine on Comedy Central, HBO, Showtime or BET, Tony Woods is funny. Some people would venture to say he’s one of the funniest in DC. A few would say he is funnier than any other comic to come from DC.


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Comedian Dawan Owens sits down with one of the most original comedians you’ll ever meet, Tony Woods.

I have been in the game since Def Comedy Jam has been around and a little longer, we don’t have to put an exact number on it or anything do we? But I am still here and going strong


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Daily Telegraph - Risking Prison No Joke for Tony Woods

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Critics Choice - TimeOut Sydney - August 2009

This cool cat proudly wears the title of the Footy Show's "favourite act ever." That's a big claim. Come and see what all the hype is about when Tony Woods plays the Comedy Festival. [Read More...]

Where in the world is Tony Woods? Here, that's where

It might seem like mere months since Tony Woods was in town, and that's because it has only been mere months since he was last here. He was one of the stars of the Cracker Sydney Comedy Festival and evidently enjoyed his time here since he's back for a run at the Comedy Store.




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Stand and Deliver - Into The Woods 2009
I’m talking to Tony Woods long distance from the United States. He was in Australia for the Sydney Comedy Festival earlier this year – appearing both in the Gala and on Good News Week – there was a buzz among other comics. [Read More...]
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